7 Things to Avoid When Applying for a Virtual Assistant Job

This week it finally happened to me. I finally did the thing that I always used to preach to my clients before I started teaching VAs: I delegated a task in my own business to my own Virtual Assistant. *gasp!* My business has been growing and changing so rapidly in the past six months in […]

How To Choose Virtual Assistant Services

This week in my Facebook group, Cafe VA, one of my members asked a question about how to get clear on which services to offer in her new virtual assistant business and how those services relate to her ideal client. I really love this question because it’s so essential to be crystal clear on your […]

Make Like Beyonce: How to Get More Out of Your Day

Beyonce may be the closest thing we have to royalty here in the United States, #amiright? Beauty, grace, humility, and obviously amazing talent (which isn’t even a requirement for greatness anymore!) I have days where I think about celebrities my age and think, “Wow, what they hell am I doing with MY life?” I’m sure […]

Hesitating to Hire a VA?

I see you, busy entrepreneur woman. You’re fearless. You’ve got amazing ideas. You’re doing #allofthethings. And you’re overwhelmed. There are simply not enough hours in the day to get everything done the way you want it done and still have time to feed and dress yourself. I get it. I’ve been there. Nobody said this […]

3 Things Social Media Whiz Kids Are Doing – That You’re Not!

I know we can’t all be social media whiz kids, but here are three things you’re probably not doing in your social media strategy that can save you tons of time! I use all of these things for Joy and Coffee and push all of my clients to do the same because it frees us […]

The Art of Delegation

The key to your success as a solopreneur is being able to delegate tasks that take away from your primary focus: your clients! As an entrepreneur myself, I understand that you are wearing ten hats all the time. You’re a marketer, a strategist, an accountant, a public relations manager, a customer service representative – the […]