Retreat Report

Last week I announced that I was planning a 3-day solo business retreat at my house, so I wanted to follow up and let you all know how it went! If you missed it and want the skinny, I planned this retreat because I had some projects for my own business that desperately needed some […]

Why I’m Taking A 3-Day Business Retreat – At My House!

Yes, that’s right. I’m going on a retreat right here in my own living room. Now before you start rolling your eyes at me, hear me out. See, I have this growing pile of sticky notes that I keep nearby of things that pop into my brain that I really should work on for my […]

What is Virtual Assistance?

When I first branched into entrepreneurship, I had never heard of a Virtual Assistant before. In fact, my first entrepreneurial “experiment” was not even as a VA. I owned and operated a home-based travel agency before I started doing this. But that’s a story for another day! We’re hitting fast forward to the day when […]

Make Like Beyonce: How to Get More Out of Your Day

Beyonce may be the closest thing we have to royalty here in the United States, #amiright? Beauty, grace, humility, and obviously amazing talent (which isn’t even a requirement for greatness anymore!) I have days where I think about celebrities my age and think, “Wow, what they hell am I doing with MY life?” I’m sure […]

Entrepreneur Brain: Reeling It In and the Tools I Use

Entrepreneur Brain [ahn-truh-pruh-nur * breyn] Let’s chat for a second about what exactly Entrepreneur Brain is. Here’s a set of definitions: Noun Intellectual center of an individual who owns or operates his/her own business. Verb Fast-paced, excited thoughts for how to make one’s business better (i.e. new processes, products, strategies, programs, services, or other offerings) that […]

Hesitating to Hire a VA?

I see you, busy entrepreneur woman. You’re fearless. You’ve got amazing ideas. You’re doing #allofthethings. And you’re overwhelmed. There are simply not enough hours in the day to get everything done the way you want it done and still have time to feed and dress yourself. I get it. I’ve been there. Nobody said this […]