Why become a Virtual Assistant?

While there are many reasons to choose to become a Virtual Assistant, I want to talk to you about the five I hear most often. In case you aren’t quite sure what a Virtual Assistant actually is, I wrote a separate article covering that! Ready? Here they are, in no particular order: 1. Freedom – Many […]

Retreat Report

Last week I announced that I was planning a 3-day solo business retreat at my house, so I wanted to follow up and let you all know how it went! If you missed it and want the skinny, I planned this retreat because I had some projects for my own business that desperately needed some […]

Why I’m Taking A 3-Day Biz Retreat – At My House!

Yes, that’s right. I’m going on a retreat right here in my own living room. Now before you start rolling your eyes at me, hear me out. See, I have this growing pile of sticky notes that I keep nearby of things that pop into my brain that I really should work on for my […]