How To Choose Virtual Assistant Services

This week in my Facebook group, Cafe VA, one of my members asked a question about how to get clear on which services to offer in her new virtual assistant business and how those services relate to her ideal client.

I really love this question because it’s so essential to be crystal clear on your service offerings, but also to understand that you’re in the business of serving OTHERS as well. One of the best things about being your own boss is that you get to choose work that is fun and meaningful to you, and you also get to choose who you’d like to work with – but it’s important that those things match. In other words, the people you’d absolutely love to work with also need to want and need the services you’re offering (and loving!) Make sense? The overall picture needs to be cohesive.

So how do you choose virtual assistant services? I’m always a fan of a good brainstorming session, so go ahead and dust of your trusty notebook or bust open a new word document and let’s get started.

  1. What professional administrative skills do you already have?
  2. What are some things you’ve always been interested in doing, but have never been able to find a job that allows you to do them?
  3. What do you like doing at work or what do you wish you were doing at work?

Write down as many ideas for these questions as you can possibly think of. When you’re done, start thinking about how you could turn those things into professional services. The point is to be choosing services that you’d be great at because you already possess some of the necessary skills, that way you can establish expertise. I mention choosing things that you’re extremely interested in as well because if you’re that passionate about something, chances are you’re willing to put in the required amount of effort to learn how to master it.

Next you’ll want to think about your ideal client – the people you’d MOST like to be working with.

Write out as many details about your dream client as you can possibly come up with. When you’re done, cross reference your services with your ideal client description. Are you services things that your clients will want to hire you for?

If not, which set of things is your non-negotiable item? Your services or your dream client? If you’re married to your services, but they don’t match your ideal client – that’s okay. You’ll just have to reconsider your dream client. And vice versa. If your client is your non-negotiable but doesn’t match your services, you’ll want to reconsider your service offerings.

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