Life After The Retreat: Rainy Splashes and Wonder Woman

The night after my retreat ended, my boyfriend called me up to see if I wanted to go get pizza and see Wonder Woman. I totally needed date night after three days of being a social recluse, so despite the fact that the sky had dramatically darkened and threatened to open up at any second, I enthusiastically agreed.

Sure enough, we got on the bus and had gotten not even four blocks down the road when the rain started. I was seated by the window and don’t mind a little rain on my skin so we didn’t even think about switching seats as the rain started to get heavier. Suddenly, a ambulance flashed behind us and the bus driver slowed and pulled off to the side. The ambulance whipped by and the rain had come on so fast the streets were well on their way to becoming tiny oceans…


Right in the window. I yelped and pulled my shoulders up while quickly turning my head away. My tank top was drenched. If you’ve ever wondered how to make a bus full of people in a foreign country laugh – this is one way to do it!

Anyway, we waited out the storm for about an hour while sitting inside Little Caesar’s snacking on crazy bread and trying to stuff the last few slices of pepperoni pizza down our gullets. The rain finally let up a little bit, so we headed over to the theater. We’d been dying to see Wonder Woman, but by the time we made it there were no more showings for the evening. A little deflated, we were trying to pick our second choice. Somewhere in the conversation we learned that the last showing of Wonder Woman had only started about 5 minutes ago, was that okay? Um, yes!

“But it’s in Spanish, is that okay?”
“Oh… right. Yeah, I mean, they’re not gonna switch it to English just for me.”
“Well they have other movies with English subtitles we could see.”
“Not that one.”
“Wonder Woman it is!”

And just like that I was about to watch my first movie on the big screen in a language I only sort of understand.

I gotta tell you, my Spanish is pretty decent for getting around town – telling the taxi driver where I’d like to go, ordering food and drinks, telling people that I’m from Chicago but live here now (maybe forever), and talking about my guinea pigs. I was NOT feeling particularly confident that I could understand a superhero movie, because the odds of Diana chatting about guinea pigs and talking about how cold Chicago is were probably going to be pretty slim to none. There was a fleeting feeling that I wouldn’t be able to actually enjoy the movie that I’d been wanting to see for so long.

But here’s the cool thing: Even without being able to make out all the words I still absolutely enjoyed the experience. There are so many other pieces of a movie beyond the script that tells the story. There are musical cues, the actors’ expressions, the tone of voice being used, background things happening in the scene (that I totally would have missed if there were subtitles), and if you stop and think about it, there are plenty of action scenes in the world that hardly have any speaking. Anyone can understand explosions and people fighting. PLUS I understand more Spanish than I give myself credit for, so I ended up being able to follow along pretty decently. Besides the fact that the parts that I couldn’t understand at all and really needed to know, I could just lean over and interrupt my boyfriend’s viewing experience and have him translate 😉

“Cool story, Jamie. Why’s it on your business blog?”

If you get the double reference here, we might have just become best friends.

Because it has a moral.

Sometimes when you’re just starting out in business, things can feel a little uncertain. You might not understand exactly how it works and you begin to question the fact that even though this was something you really wanted once, are you even good enough to try?

To which I say, if it’s something you really want – DIVE IN ANYWAY! Don’t let fear of the unknown or self-doubt ruin your dreams. What if you never do this? Not a single person who starts an online business is perfectly confident in the beginning. But there are so many cues you can take from those of us who have been around for a while. You may even know more than you’re truly giving yourself credit for.

If you’re ready to take the plunge, join me for the beta session of my signature training program, VA Essentials: Build Your Biz! and follow your dreams, even if the path might feel a little uncertain at the moment. Or are you doing to give up on the movie you’ve been wanting to see just because it’s showing in a different language?




How watching Wonder Woman in a foreign language reminded me of getting started as an entrepreneur. ------- Want to become a VA? Sign up for the beta session of my signature program "VA Essentials: Build Your Biz" -------

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