What is Virtual Assistance?

When I first branched into entrepreneurship, I had never heard of a Virtual Assistant before. In fact, my first entrepreneurial “experiment” was not even as a VA. I owned and operated a home-based travel agency before I started doing this. But that’s a story for another day! We’re hitting fast forward to the day when I was looking for another viable work-from-home option. I hit up my “go to” problem solver: Pinterest. Eventually (after hours and hours of scouring pins) I stumbled across one that talked about Virtual Assistance and my jaw hit the floor.

I could DO this!

A Virtual Assistant is someone who provides remote administrative, technical, or creative assistance to other entrepreneurs. My professional background was in legal and executive assistance, so I was 100% positive that I had the skills to make this business happen. Let’s back up a second though – I gave you the stiff “by the book” definition of a VA. In real speak, a Virtual Assistant is an online independent contractor who performs tasks for other online businesses. It means that I run my own business helping people who specialize in performing some service or in creating some kind of product.

For example:

I have a client who is an elementary school teacher. Her specialty is (obviously) education. But she sells her curriculum online via Pinterest, so I manage her Pinterest account by uploading pins that link to her online store, create pin descriptions with keywords for the education industry, and space them out across a certain time period and over various boards on her Pinterest account. I take care of the techy stuff for her!

Another example:

Another client of mine is a diet and fitness coach who frequently runs email challenges to generate interest for her one-on-one coaching packages. She specializes in creating personalized fitness routines and sample diet plans for her clients, NOT in creating email challenges even though they are a vital component to how her business gains clients. That’s where I come in because I DO specialize in setting up automated email campaigns.

The possibilities are literally endless for how you can help online entrepreneurs! I’ve put together a full sheet of ideas for you here so you can start thinking about what kinds of things you might be able to offer your future clients.

Grab your list of Virtual Assistant service ideas here!

Already have some ideas churning? I’d love to hear what you’re thinking about specializing in. Join my private group of aspiring Virtual Assistants here and introduce yourself!



What exactly is a Virtual Assistant and what kinds of services do they offer online entrepreneurs? + a reference sheet with ideas! Learn what kind of tasks Virtual Assistants offer and how YOUR skills can transfer to online work! + a reference sheet with 52 service ideas!Dream of working from home? Learn what a Virtual Assistant is and what kinds of online services they offer! + a reference sheet with 52 ideas!


  1. JENNIFER says:

    Thank you for sharing your milestone in becoming a virtual assistance. The way you give insight in how a certain business can grown even more with the help of people experts in technoloy and social media applications and platforms. Thank you for adding color what a vritual assistance can be in the fulture, if offers, job orders are coming in, to be honest, with all the people you might really encountering definitely, a lot of ideas were already stored for you to explore and expedite.
    This is truly very encouraging especially for a mom like me who just recently quits her job just to stay home and take care of the kids, being VA has unlimited opportunities and potential income. I’m glad you were able to share this site with us. Please write more for us.

    • joyandcoffee says:

      Thanks for your feedback, Jennifer! I’m so glad you found it so inspirational! If you’re seriously interested in becoming a VA, I have a free course available that gets you thinking about some of the steps you can start taking here: http://www.joyandcoffee.com/va-mini If you ever have any questions, please feel free to reach out!

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