Make Like Beyonce: How to Get More Out of Your Day

Beyonce may be the closest thing we have to royalty here in the United States, #amiright? Beauty, grace, humility, and obviously amazing talent (which isn’t even a requirement for greatness anymore!) I have days where I think about celebrities my age and think, “Wow, what they hell am I doing with MY life?” I’m sure we all have, especially on days when our business isn’t feeling so hot.

But the truth is, we all have the same amount of hours in our day as Beyonce to get shit done. Sure we might not have the personal trainers, backup dancers, or styled wardrobes, but we have the same amount of time and that counts for a lot! So how do we make the most out of every day?

Get a full eight hours of sleep every night.

This isn’t always the easiest for me since I live with mental illness (anxiety and bipolar disorder), but I do my best to get a full night’s rest. I started cutting caffeine after 2pm, stopped taking my phone to bed with me – no more late night scroll fests, and set a nightly bedtime that means the end of my day no matter WHAT. If my anxiety has me feeling restless I do keep a bottle of melatonin on my night stand, but I try to only use it when totally necessary.

Maintain a daily beauty routine.

When I first started working from home I was like, “YAS! Working in sweatpants is amazeballs!” And it was. Heck, it still is sometimes! But I found after working in my comfy clothes for so long that I started losing motivation to get things done in my day-to-day. I used to work in corporate America and I had to get up and pull on my pencil skirts and high heels every morning. There was something about getting dressed FOR work that set off a signal in my brain that it was time to get moving. By not getting dressed at home, I was never sending that signal to my brain. Once I started intentionally dressing to go sit down at my desk in my home office I saw an undeniable boost in productivity. Simple? Yes. But effective!

Don’t forget to eat.

It sounds silly, but I mean it. We got into our freelance work because we absolutely love it with every fiber of our being, right? That means sometimes we can get so absorbed in our work that we just forget to eat. How many meals have you skipped in the past month? Probably too many to count. It’s okay, it happens to all of us. I promise. You can create reminders to eat every meal by setting alarms on your phone, writing all three meals into your bullet journal, or simply by changing your routine to make meals a priority. For me, keeping track of them in my bullet journal works best!

Make like Beyonce: Get more out of your day! Here are my tips for being more efficient

Break up your tasks.

As someone who works on tasks for other people’s businesses, I initially found it extremely difficult to keep up with those same tasks for MY business. Poor, neglected Joy and Coffee… #sadface. I used to put off all of my own business tasks until after I was done taking care of my clients’ needs, but that meant that I’d often wrap up my client work for the day and be too exhausted to do anything for myself. So now I break my tasks up. Small daily items like following up with leads, touching base with my clients, writing blog posts and newsletters, and my own social media are tasks that I take care of right after breakfast. This ensures that they don’t get neglected and that I get them done quickly because I need to move on to client work!

Set a deadline for your work day.

Look, it’s like this: If you allow yourself to work until 11pm then your work is always going to fill up your day until 11pm. If you only allow yourself to work until 2pm, then you’re going to get everything done for the day before 2pm. You’ll work more efficiently if you know that it’s time to “leave the office” at a certain hour. Yes, there’s always more work to be done. But it’s not going anywhere and it will be right there on your desk for you to take care of tomorrow. I’m not encouraging procrastination – rather, the opposite: prioritization.

Lastly: take breaks.

I learned this one from an ex-boyfriend in college. I went through some muddy financial stuff and was putting myself through school for the first time in three years (boy did that change my perspective!) I got disturbingly serious about my studies. So serious about them that I basically did nothing but eat, sleep, read, repeat. Said boyfriend finally convinced me that it would be healthy for me to take a break from my studies for at least one hour every night and accompany him to the gym. Two things I really did not want to do: Stop reading. Work out. Blehhhh. I finally conceded because he had this really annoying habit of always being right, so I usually gave his ideas a shot. And lo and behold – by taking breaks and using that time to exercise my studies and grades actually improved. By the end of the semester I had a body I didn’t hate AND a 3.94 GPA. So… take breaks!

Do you utilize any of these things in your daily routine? How do you get the most out of your day? Comment below!




Tips on how to break up your day for maximum work-at-home productivity!We have the same amount of hours in the day as Beyonce! Here's how I maximize my work productivity as an entrepreneur.Scrambling for time even though you're working at home? Check out my top tips for how to break up your day and make the most of your time.


  1. Break up your tasks! Love this! I do ‘power hours’ and set a timer for each task. It helps me stay focused! I break it up into four 15 min sections. Emails for 15 min. Blog reading for 15 min. Phone calls for 15 min. etc. I love it!

    • joyandcoffee says:

      Oh I like the power hour idea! Maybe as a way to get moving in the morning or something. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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