My Favorite Facebook Entrepreneur Groups

As promised, I’ve put together a list of my favorite Facebook entrepreneur groups for you! These groups have helped my business along so much that Facebook is the only platform I use to market for Joy and Coffee. Many of them are geared at female entrepreneurs (sorry fellas!) and the members are so supportive and helpful. I make sure to visit all of them daily! So without further ado:

Savvy Business Owners

This was the first female entrepreneur group I ever joined and I still love it! I have found so much support, key pieces of wisdom, and a real community that I feel safe bouncing ideas around in. The Savvies encourage you to share your successes and failures, network with other women in business, and even host promo threads throughout the week!



Honey and Grace is a group for female Christian entrepreneurs and helps create focus around incorporating God into your business practices. I have found endless support here and helpful reminders about making time for God even though we are all so busy! I’ve made so many connections with some really great women here who inspire me on a daily basis and cannot sing enough praises about this community!

Being Boss

Originally created for the listeners of the Being Boss podcast, this group has grown into a MASSIVE 17K+ entrepreneur mastermind. Feel free to promote your goods or services in here, but alwaysalwaysalways offer value with your content. As with any group – Do. Not. Ever. promote and run. You’ll get booted before you can say ‘entrepreneur’ five times fast. Business owners often ask for critical feedback on projects they’re working on here, seek out team members, or just share Boss Moments. It’s a fabulous community of bosses!

Female Entrepreneurs Collaborate

Stephanie Nickolich is basically a female entrepreneurship genius and you’re crazy if you’re in business and don’t follow her! In her own words: “This community was built to inspire, empower, educate and unite women worldwide through collaboration and community!” There is a dedicated, themed thread every day where members of this group can discuss different topics or share their own social profiles (when prompted). This group is definitely a DON’T MISS. 



Allyn Lewis of Gem Nation caught my attention when she wrote this piece on entrepreneurs who deal with depression. Mental health is an issue that resonates personally with me and I am so happy to see someone else lifting it up into the public eye the way Allyn does! She uses this group to ask questions that really make you stop and think. Definitely one to check out!

**Update** In March, 2016 Allyn featured me in Noteworthy Ways Real Entrepreneurs Are Running a Business with Depression. Check it out!

Those are the five groups that I check in to almost daily. Here are some others that are worth mentioning that may be a great fit for you and your biz!

For Love + Money with Caitlin Bacher

The Rising Tide Society

Babes in Business

Think Creative Collective

Depth of Field Creatives

The Successful and High Vibe Entrepreneur

What groups have I left off of my list that you love? Share them below so we can check them out!

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