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I’m Jamie-Lynn and I am an online business strategist ready to help you make the most out of your business. Your focus as a busy entrepreneur should be on your clients, not on the administrative tasks or business strategy work that both take up your valuable money-making time! I understand that hiring a team member is a big step for any entrepreneur to take, and I’m here to help ease your worry. Your business strategy and the administrative tasks that support it are the backbone of your business. Just like your clients, those pieces of your business should not be neglected. Let me take those pieces off of your plate so you can excel at what YOU do best.

Plus, let's be honest here: You need time for a well-deserved coffee break!

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Why You Should Hire Me

I spent six years working in administrative roles in the corporate world assisting attorneys, health care professionals, and CEOs. Through those experiences I learned valuable support skills and understand the urgency of important projects and tasks that land on my desk. Two years ago I branched out on my own and launched a business as a home-based travel agent, learning all that is required of a busy entrepreneur like you! I know your growing pains and how many hats you wear on a daily basis. I’m ready to help you take your business to the next level.


If you already know what you need help with – that’s great! Fill out my Contact Form to reach out so that we can set up a time to chat. However, if you’re like most of the people who reach out to me and have no idea where to start, head over to my Services Page and take a look at what I specialize in to get some ideas.

If you still aren’t sure, that’s okay! Fill out the Contact Form and just say that you need help, but aren’t sure where to start. I promise we’ll figure it out together.



The number one thing I hear entrepreneurs say they need help with is social media. Posting quality content across multiple platforms with beautiful branded graphics is time consuming! Yet social media is a powerful tool that drives sales. I specialize in helping business owners like you come up with social media strategies that speak directly to their target markets. It is important for any brand to publish consistent content that resonates with its audience and encourages interaction within the company community. Let's work together to implement social media that works for you and your business!

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The single most important asset to any online business is its email list. The thing about your email list is the YOU own it! While social media can help drive sales, direct emails are the way to get your content straight in front of your customers. I have been successful in helping my clients grow their lists from zero to hundreds in just days with a single campaign. Let's chat about email campaigns that will attract new customers and keep your existing customers engaged with your product or service! A great email campaign will not only land directly in your customers' inboxes, but will end in a carefully crafted sales funnel that gains repeat business for you!

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You have been diligently building a new program for the past year. It’s time to launch this thing to your audience, but your brain is swimming with ideas and you’re not really sure what to do first. Let me help you strategize the best way to reach your audience and make your launch wildly successful. I love the enthusiasm that my clients come to me with when they’re about to launch something awesome, but it kills me to watch them stress out over how to build ads and worry about whether or not enough people will sign up. Together we can make sure your program is everything you dreamed it would be back when you first started putting it together!

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